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Europe to Europe Bonds Margin Requirements

Europe Fixed Income Margin Overview

Europe Fixed Income Margin Requirements

As a resident of Europe trading bonds in Europe you are subjected to Rules-based margin. The complete margin requirement details are listed in the section below.

Foreign Sovereign Debt Securities 1

Long Positions 2
Initial Margin Requirements Maintenance Margin Requirements
Rated AAA to AA3:
Less than 6 months to maturity 2.5% * Market Value 2% * Market Value
Less than 1 year to maturity 3.75% * Market Value 3% * Market Value
More than 1 year and less than 3 years to maturity 6.25% * Market Value 5% * Market Value
At least 3 years and less than 5 years to maturity 7.5% * Market Value 6% * Market Value
At least 5 years and less than 10 years to maturity 10% * Market Value 8% * Market Value
At least 10 years and less than 20 years to maturity 12.5% * Market Value 10% * Market Value
20 years or more to maturity 15% * Market Value 12% * Market Value
Zero coupon bonds with 5 years or more to maturity Min (Market Value, 1.25 * Maintenance) Max (Specified Maintenance Amount 3, 3% * Face Value)
Rated A1 - BAA2 18.75% * Market Value 15% * Market Value
Rated Ba1-B3 Min (Market Value, 1.25 * Maintenance) Min (25% Market Value, 10% Face Value)
Rated Caa1-C Min (Market Value, 1.25 * Maintenance) Min (50% Market Value, 20% Face Value)
Defaulted 100% * Market Value 100% * Market Value
Not Rated 100% * Market Value 100% * Market Value

Additional Europe Margin Requirements for Residents of Europe

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  1. End of Day Initial Margin is applied to Margin accounts at the standard rate of 50% * Market Value. No End of Day Initial Margin is applied for Portfolio Margin Accounts.
  2. Short positions are not currently supported and will incur margin of 100% of the market value.
  3. Based on the remaining years to maturity:
    • At least 5 and less than 10 = 8% * Market Value
    • At least 10 and less than 20 = 10% * Market Value
    • 20 years or more = 12% * Market Value

  • IBKR house margin requirements may be greater than rule-based margin.

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