New Features

Interactive Brokers Debit Mastercard

Interactive Brokers Debit Mastercard

IBKR clients can use their account to borrow, earn, spend and invest, as well as use our tools to combine IBKR account data with held-away account information for a consolidated view of financial positions.

  • Spend directly against an IBKR account anywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted around the world – without monthly minimum payments or late fees.
  • Borrow directly against an IBKR account at rates of 2.92% APR1 or less – rates lower than credit cards, personal loans or home equity lines of credit.2

Interactive Brokers recently introduced new debit card features to help clients use their account for more than just investing.

Advisors and Brokers can Request Debit Cards for Clients

Advisors and Brokers can now request debit cards be sent to their clients. Debit card requests are made via the client's Dashboard in Account Management. All clients receiving a debit card must agree to terms and conditions prior to using the debit card.

IBKR Debit Mastercard Program Available to Trust Accounts

Trustees who are also beneficiaries can now enroll in the debit card program by visiting Account Management > Transfer & Pay > Debit Mastercard.

New Electronic Pay Options for Debit Card

Android Pay and Samsung Pay join Apple Pay as mobile payment solutions available to clients using the Interactive Brokers Debit Mastercard. These mobile payment solutions let clients use a smartphone just as they would the debit card. Click an icon to download the app.

apple pay
android pay
samsung pay

The Interactive Brokers Debit Mastercard is currently available to US resident account holders with cash or margin accounts. Applying for the card is fast and easy. Go to Account Management to apply, request additional cards, manage your cards or track your transactions.

A Single App for Trading and Security

New Tools

One App for Trading and Security

IBKR Mobile for Simplicity and On-the-Go Functionality

The new IBKR Mobile app combines IB TWS for Mobile and the IB Key security protocol into one app that lets you securely manage and trade your account from most iOS or Android devices.

With our new IBKR Mobile app you can:

  • Keep your account safe by applying IB Key two-factor authentication when logging into any of our websites or trading platforms.
  • Manage your IBKR Debit Mastercard – authorize transactions, pre-authorize large-purchases and lock and unlock your debit card right from your phone.
  • Trade your IB account on-the-go with all the latest features, including:
    • "Ask IBot" shortcuts which let you access even more advanced trading features on mobile.
    • Over 50 new data columns so you can see the same market-moving information as on your desktop TWS.
    • Innovative options tools including option exercise and Spread Templates.
Traders' Academy


Introducing Traders' Academy

A Structured Curriculum for Traders and Investors

Traders' Academy helps professionals, investors, educators and students better understand the products, markets, currencies, tools and functionality available at Interactive Brokers.


Courses use a syllabus to define instructional goals. Learning objectives are clearly stated and content is delivered across multiple lessons. Quizzes and tests are used to benchmark student progress against learning objectives.


Each course uses online lessons, videos, and notes to help reinforce subject matter and let students learn at their own pace.


Students can ask questions of IBKR subject matter experts, provide written feedback on each course and rate their learning experience.

Current Courses
  • IBKR Mobile
  • Introduction to Futures
  • Introduction to Margin Trading
  • Introduction to Options
  • Trading Using R
  • TWS for Beginners
  • Introduction to TWS Charts
Coming Soon
  • Advanced Trading Tools
  • IBridge API
  • Introduction to Bonds
  • Introduction to Foreign Exchange
  • Tax Overview
  • Technical Analysis
IB Quant Blog

New Feature

The IBKR Quant Blog –
A Sister Publication to Traders' Insight

A Resource for the IBKR Programming Community

The IBKR Quant Blog serves quantitative professionals who have an interest in programming. Blog contributors include Byte Academy, QuantInsti, Robot Wealth, Majeed Simaan, QuantConnect, Capital Spectator, Quantopian, QuantDare, QuantBros and IBKR.

Topics discussed at the IBKR Quant Blog include:

  • Deep learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and other transformative technologies influencing modern markets.
  • R, Python and other popular programming languages for interpreting data.
  • Employment trends and activity for quants.

Innovative Tools

Complex Options Strategies Made Simple

Innovative and Intuitive Tools for Options Traders

Desktop traders have powerful new tools for analyzing and trading options and spreads.

  • Performance Profile helps you visualize your strategy's performance as you create it.
  • Quickly create, save and trade complex, multi-leg option spreads with the predefined strategy selector in the Strategy Builder.
  • Our Spread Rollover tool simplifies rolling and adjusting multi-leg options spreads into new positions.

New options trading tools on IBKR Mobile make it easy to trade multi-leg option spreads, and manage options positions on-the-go.

  • Use the Spread Template to create and compare spreads. Access by tapping "Spreads" from the Quote Details for an asset. Choose a strategy, select Calls or Puts, and define filters. Then, swipe through to compare strategies based on price, spread, Delta and Gamma. Add the strategy to your Watchlist or quickly place a trade.
  • Our new Option Exercise screen shows if you may benefit from exercising an option early. Potentially beneficial "early exercise" options are tagged with a yellow zigzag icon. Tap the contract to display Quote Details, and use the "Exercise/Lapse" button to exercise or select "Option Exercise" from the menu.

New Features


The Next Step in Intelligence

Trade smarter with IBot. In addition to helping you trade your IB account, our natural language interface can help you do more than ever, including:

  • Easily create powerful, custom, Accumulate/Distribute algo orders to efficiently trade large orders.
  • Manage your account, trading permissions and subscriptions; transfer and deposit funds; and run in-depth portfolio analysis.
  • Trade corporate, muni and government bonds.
  • Search hundreds of FAQs to help you quickly find answers to common questions.
  • Stay informed of upcoming corporate actions, dividends and other notable events with corporate and economic event calendars.

IBot uses cutting-edge deep learning for an intuitive trading experience. Leverage the speed and intelligence of IBot in IBKR Mobile, TWS for Desktop and the Client Portal.

New Products

New Investment Products

We recently added 124 mutual funds to the Interactive Brokers lineup and now offer 10,244 funds, including 4,360 with no transaction fees. In addition, we added 12 new fund families, bringing our total to 202.

Domestic Fund Families
  • Nationwide Funds
  • AlphaCore Funds
  • Centre Funds
  • Investec – U.S.
  • Carillon Funds
  • BTS Funds
  • Causeway Funds
  • Princeton Advisors
  • Miller Howard Funds Trust
  • Newfound Funds
  • Litman Gregory Master Funds
  • Recurrent Investment Advisors
New Research Providers

Two new research providers are available on the Interactive Brokers platform:

We frequently update the listing of research and news providers available on the Interactive Brokers platform. Visit our website to review our most current list of providers.

Funding Made Easier

New Products

Funding Made Easier

Fast, Easy Funding with Instant ACH Verification

IBKR now offers Instant ACH verification to help you quickly and efficiently setup bank instructions for funding your IBKR account. Instant ACH verification benefits include:

  • Streamlined Processing: simply identify your account number and the bank's ABA number. The accounts are verified and linked upon validation of credentials.
  • An Improved User Experience: new clients can verify funding during the application process, and all can initiate a transfer or link an account in real-time.
  • Funding On-to-Go: Instant ACH verification is available on any mobile platform.

Expanded Offerings

IBKR Asset Management

New Index Tracker Portfolios

IBKR Asset Management combines the low costs and convenience of online investing with human support, and offers investors a broad selection of actively and passively managed portfolios.

Our 13 new Index Tracker portfolios are managed in-house by our investment management team and the 0.2% annual management fee for these portfolios is among the lowest in the industry. In addition, our Index Tracker portfolios are:

  • Clear and Simple: Review positions and trades online at your convenience, and easily buy and sell investments in our index tracker portfolios online.
  • Rules Based: The IB Asset Management Index Tracking Portfolios follow predefined rules and track a specified basket of underlying investments. IB Asset Management constructs and manages these portfolios based on data provided by FTSE International Limited and the Frank Russell Company.
  • Trusted Names: According to FTSE Russell, the top ten investment banks, 97 out of 100 of the top asset managers, 48 out of 50 of the top plan sponsors and the top five global custodians all trust FTSE Russell to benchmark their investment performance and create ETFs, index funds, structured products and index-based derivatives.
Interactive Brokers Asset Management

New Features

IBKR Now Offers Seamless Integration with TurboTax

Available for 2017 Tax Reporting

IBKR clients now enjoy complete integration between their IBKR account and TurboTax, helping to simplify tax reporting and eliminating the need to export information for upload to TurboTax.


TurboTax pulls 1099 data directly from your IBKR account, eliminating the need for you to enter or upload data.


Use an IBKR-generated token ID to access IBKR data directly from your TurboTax account.

turbo tax integration

2018 Awards


IBKR has received industry recognition for its low costs, breadth of product, and sophisticated technology.

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