Become a Referrer

Refer clients to Interactive Brokers and receive payouts of eligible client referrals.


A Referrer is an individual or a firm that recommends Interactive Brokers to friends, acquaintances or business contacts in return for a fee. Referrers are not employees or agents of Interactive Brokers but may recommend IBKR’s services in connection with the referrer’s primary employment or business. For example, some referrers are firms or professionals who provide training and coaching, trading information, systems and tools, and professional services to traders and investors and who have concluded that IBKR is the best online brokerage platform.

IBKR Referral Program

Eligible individuals and entities (with or without IBKR accounts) can receive a flat-fee by referring eligible clients to IBKR.


As a Flat Fee-Based Referrer, you can refer clients to Interactive Brokers and earn a flat fee for each referred client who maintains an active IBKR account for one year.


Log in to Account Management to send client invitations.

If you prefer, you can use a unique hyperlink to our referral client application for all referrals. Simply send yourself an invitation, and then send the link that you receive to applicants, or add the link to your website.

Who is Eligible?

Flat Fee-Based Referrers are:

Individuals who reside in any country EXCEPT Spain1.

You do not have to be a current IBKR client to qualify, but any current IBKR account holder with an Individual, Joint, Trust or IRA account is eligible to become a Flat Fee-Based Referrer.

IBKR account holders that are financial advisors or introducing brokers using IBKR's platform are NOT eligible to become Flat-Fee Based Referrers.

Clients referred by Flat Fee-Based Referrers can open any type of Interactive Brokers account, including Advisor accounts.


If you currently maintain an IBKR Advisor account, we will not accept your application. If you open an Advisor account with IBKR after you have been approved as a Flat Fee-Based Referrer, we will remove you from the program.

Payout Schedule

Flat Fee-Based Referrers earn payouts based on their country of residence.

Payouts2, 3 to Referrers in the United States are subject to the following rules:

  • The referred client must maintain equity of at least $10,000 or USD equivalent in his or her account for a minimum of one year.
  • A payment of $200.00 will be sent when a referred client opens and maintains a funded account for one year.

Payouts2, 3 to referrers outside of the United States are subject to the following rules:

  • The first payment of $100.00 will be sent when the referred account reaches $333.34 in commissions.
  • The second payment of $100.00 will be sent when the referred account reaches $666.67 in commissions.
  • Referred clients must maintain equity of at least $10,000 or USD equivalent in their account.
  • Payouts are available for up to one year from the opening of the referred customer account.
  • Referral fees will be paid on a monthly (mid-month) basis.

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Account Management for Referrers

Did You Know?

Referrers from 56 countries participate in the program.

Anguilla Australia Austria Belgium Bulgaria Canada Cayman_Islands Chile China Cyprus Czech_Republic Denmark Dominica Egypt Estonia Finland France Germany Ghana Greece Hong_Kong Hungary India Indonezia Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Laos Latvia Malaysia Mexico Netherlands Netherlands_Antilles New_Zealand Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Russia Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South_Africa Spain Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Tunisia Uganda Ukraine United_Arab_Emirates United_Kingdom USA Venezuela Viet_Nam

Networking with friends, acquaintances, colleagues and customers is the key communication channel.

  1. Due to regulatory restrictions, IBKR can neither accept referrers from Spain, nor pay referral fees for accounts originating in Spain.
  2. Payments are subject to the terms and restrictions of the program. IBKR is under no obligation to pay out the referral bonus should all terms not be met.
  3. No payouts will be made for any account migrated to a broker or an advisor.