TWS Release 10.12

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US IPOs Added to Events Calendar

The redesigned Events Calendar can help you stay on top of current and upcoming economic and corporate events for companies around the globe. Our latest addition - detailed IPO data from Renaissance Capital LLC - makes it easy to track upcoming US IPOs scheduled to start trading today, tomorrow, next week and beyond. Use filters to decide whether you want to see all upcoming IPOs, or only those related to companies in your portfolio and Watchlists. Select an IPO headline for a snapshot of valuable IPO data and insights from Renaissance Capital LLC including filed and trade date, IPO price, deal size, market cap at offer, shares offered, total shares and more.

To open the Events Calendar, use the Mosaic New Window drop down list or the Analytical Tools menu in Classic Layout. From the list of actions and events toggle on the IPOs feature. Use the Only Show My Companies toggle to set display filters. Select a date from the calendar to see that day's scheduled IPOs.

Advisors: Harvest Capital Losses

Financial Advisors can help clients realize tax benefits of capital loss using the Allocation Order Tool. Preview potential losses on stocks, and pre-allocate lots for all or multiple accounts to harvest these capital losses.

To use this feature, select an asset with an expected loss, for example a long or short position with negative unrealized P&L, or a long or short position that has an average price higher/lower than the expected price to liquidate the position. Open the Allocation Order tool to see the list of accounts invested in the asset.

Complete fields as shown below:

Harvest Capital Losses

Remember to "Apply" Filters and Allocation details. Select accounts as desired, and click Set Allocation to save the order.

Harvest Capital Losses

From the Orders panel in your Portfolio, modify as needed then transmit the order. Note that if the order does not fill completely or if you close only a portion of positions, we will apply lots that maximize your capital loss. Verify lot allocations the next trading day after the order fills in the Reports tab in Client Portal.

For more help harvesting capital losses using the Allocation Order Tool, see the TWS Users' Guide.

See Bid/Ask/Last Size Quotes in Lots

Now use the Presets Divisor and Thresholds to show size quotes in lots, the way these were displayed prior to Build 985 where size quotes were modified to always be displayed in shares.

To set up presets to view stock size quotes in lots, open Global Configuration and in the Presets area select "Stocks." In the right pane, scroll down and expand the Display section. In the Divisor field, enter 100 to divide 100 shares by 100 and show a lot of 1. In this case, 100 shares will display as 1, 360 shares will display as 3.6, 520 shares will display as 5.2, 2000 shares will display as 20 and so on. Note that this field shows a watermark 100, but you need to type in 100 and apply to enabled this feature.

If desired, add the Rounding Threshold. This is applied when the quote size is greater than or equal to the rounding threshold. For example, if the divisor is set to 100 and the rounding threshold set to 400, using the above example 100 shares will display as 1, 360 shares will display as 3.6, 520 shares will display as 5 (over 400 is rounded down to the nearest 100 which is the divisor), 2000 shares will display as 20. Be sure to apply and save your preset.

Fixes and Improvements

This release includes:

  • Vulnerability patches to TWS: Due to a global vulnerability in popular infrastructure software known as "Log4j," we recently updated libraries for all versions of our TWS software. If you use the standalone "Offline" version of TWS, you must manually upload the most recent version to get the patch. If you used the Login menu to install an updating version of TWS to your desktop, you will receive the patched version when you log in.

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