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Our complete turnkey solution provides trading, clearing, reporting and billing for brokers of any size, with no long-term contract required

Flexible Client Management

Our client account application options and integrated client management system meet the needs of brokers of all sizes.

Client Account Applications

We offer a variety of client account application methods:

Client Account Management

We offer a variety of client account application methods:

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1. Low Cost Rated by Barron's 16 Years Straight - Low cost broker 2002 through 2016 according to Barron's online broker review. 2002 - 5 Stars, 2003 - 4.9 Stars, 2004 - 5 Stars, 2005 - 5 Stars, 2006 - 5 Stars, 2007 - 4.8 Stars, 2008 - 4.5 Stars, 2009 - 4.5 Stars, 2010 - 4.2 stars, 2011 - 4.5 stars, 2012 - 4.3 stars, 2013 - 4.5 stars, 2014 - 4.5 stars, 2015 - 4.5 stars, 2016 - 4.5 stars, 2017 - 4.5 stars. Interactive Brokers earned a 4.5 star ranking in the March 20, 2017 Barron's Annual Best Online Brokers - “One More Reason to Buy Online“. Criteria included Trade Experience and Technology, Usability, Mobile, Range of Offerings, Research Amenities, Portfolio Analysis & Report, Customer Service, Education and Security, and Costs. Barron's is a registered trademark of Dow Jones & Co. Inc.

Lower Your Costs to Maximize Your Return

Our transparent, low commissions and financing rates, and best price executions minimize your costs to help you maximize your returns.

Generate Higher Returns

Lower commissions, no ticket charges; no minimums; and no technology, software, platform, or reporting fees. Low financing rates, and higher loan values on portfolio margin accounts over $100K.

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Best Price Execution

Most brokers trade against your orders or sell them to others to execute who will trade against them. The resulting poor execution probably costs you more than the commission you pay. IB SmartRoutingSM continuously searches and reroutes to the best available prices for stocks, options and combinations.

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Execution Price Improvement Comparison*
US Stocks
(per 100 shares)
US Options
(per contract)
European Stocks
(per 100 shares)
Interactive Brokers $0.38 $0.84 €0.08
Industry $0.32 $0.60 - €0.84
IB Advantage $0.06 $0.24 €0.93

Net Dollar Price Improvement vs. National Best Bid/Offer 1

*Based on independent measurements, the Transaction Auditing Group, Inc., (TAG), a third-party provider of transaction analysis, has determined that Interactive Brokers' US stock and options price executions were significantly better than the industry's during the second half of 2016. 2

  1. Net $ Improvement per Share Definition:
    ((# of Price Improved Shares * Price Improvement Amount) - (# of Price Disimproved Shares * Price Disimprovement Amount)) / Total Number of Executed Shares
  2. The Transaction Auditing Group (TAG). Industry as a whole for the referenced periods according to TAG. The TAG analysis for US stocks included all market orders of 100 shares or more up to 10,000 shares. The analysis for US options included all market order sizes in US options and includes exchange rebates received by clients under IB's cost-plus pricing structure. The TAG analysis of orders routed to exchanges in Europe included all orders routed for execution during regular trading hours including all market and marketable limit orders and orders near the market (orders having a limit price within one-tenth of a Euro from the quote price at time of order receipt) on stocks listed on the included exchanges, weighted by the volume executed on each exchange. The exchanges for European stocks are XETRA, EURONEXT, CHI-X, WIENER BORSE, TURQUOISE, LONDON and NASDAQ OMX.

Your Gateway to the World's Markets

Trade on over 100 market centers in 24 countries.

Direct market access to stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds, ETFs and CFDs
from a single IB Universal Account™.

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Access market data 24 hours a day and six days a week to stay connected to all global markets.

Convert currencies at market determined rates as low as 1/10 of a basis point, or create a position collateralized by a non-native currency.

Fund your account in multiple currencies. Trade assets denominated in multiple currencies from a single account.

Innovative Technology

We've been building trading technology that provides competitive pricing, speed, size, diversity of global products and advanced trading tools to our clients for 40 years.

Trading Platforms

Our trading platforms have been designed with the professional trader in mind:

  • Optimize your trading speed and efficiency with our market maker-designed Trader Workstation (TWS).
  • Trade your IB account on-the-go from just about any mobile device with mobileTWS.
  • Use our HTML-based WebTrader, a clean and simple interface that works from behind a firewall.

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Advanced Trading Tools

Our suite of Option Labs and advanced trading tools offer support to help you discover and implement optimal trading strategies. For example, our Probability Lab offers a practical way to think about options without the complicated mathematics, and the Option Strategy Lab lets you create simple and complex multi-leg option orders based on your own price and volatility forecast.

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Order Types and Algos

Trader Workstation (TWS) supports over 60 order types, from the most basic limit order to advanced trading to the most complex algorithmic trading, to help you execute a wide variety of trading strategies.

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User Access Rights

Our User Access Rights system allows you to assign different managerial roles and client accounts to individual employees within your organization.

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API and FIX/CTCI Solutions

Our proprietary API and FIX CTCI solutions let institutions create their own automated rule-based trading system that takes advantage of our high-speed order routing and broad market depth.

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Sophisticated Risk Management

Real-time market-risk management and real-time monitoring provide a comprehensive measure of risk exposure across multiple asset classes around the globe and real-time data that gives you the edge you need to react quickly to the markets.

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Integrated Solutions

IB's Order Management System (OMS) makes it easy to submit, stage, manage and track client orders whether they are received electronically via FIX, input directly by traders or placed over the phone.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Our statements and reports include real-time trade confirmations, margin details, transaction cost analysis, sophisticated portfolio analysis, tax optimization, supplemental reports and a variety of compliance reporting solutions, including OATS, Large Trader and daily, detailed client account information.

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Investors' Marketplace

Join the Investors' Marketplace and advertise your services to potential clients.

  • Individual traders and investors, financial advisors, fund managers and third-party service providers can interact to form connections and conduct business.
  • Search the marketplace and connect to a variety of third-party services, including hedge funds, research analysts, business developers and administrators.
  • Advertise your services and reach individual and institutional users worldwide.
  • The Investors' Marketplace is available at no cost is open to everyone.

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Investors Marketplace
Strength and security for online trading.

Financial Strength and Stability

Our strong capital position, conservative balance sheet and automated risk controls protect IB and our clients from large trading losses.

Interactive Brokers Group (IBG LLC) equity capital exceeds $6 billion1. 16.6% of IBG LLC is owned by the publicly traded company, Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. and the remaining 83.4% is owned by our employees and affiliates.

Unlike other firms, where management owns a small share, we participate substantially in the downside just as much as in the upside which makes us run our business conservatively. We hold no material positions in OTC securities or derivatives. We hold no CDOs, MBS or CDS. The gross amount of our portfolio of debt securities, with the exception of US governments debt securities, is less than 10% of our equity capital.

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  1. Includes Interactive Brokers Group and its affiliates.

Open an Account

Broker accounts at Interactive Brokers give global regulated brokerage companies the means to reduce their operational, brokerage and clearing costs while providing electronic market access worldwide with our professional white branded trading technology.

Accounts are accepted from citizens or residents of all countries except citizens or residents of those countries that are prohibited by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control. Click here for a list of available countries.

We Offer Three Different Broker Account Structures
Account Information

Fully Disclosed Brokers provide their clients with customer service and marketing. Broker clients can electronically trade or the broker may input trades for the client.

Clients open accounts electronically.

Fully Disclosed Brokers can create multiple tier accounts by adding Registered Advisor, unregistered Friends and Family Advisor, Proprietary Trading Group STL and Multiple Hedge Fund master accounts to their broker account structure. Each Advisor, Proprietary Trading Group STL and Multiple Hedge Fund master account holder can add client, sub and hedge fund accounts as required.

Brokers can trade for themselves in the Proprietary Account for Broker-Dealers.

All fees, commission and interest owed to the broker are first sent to the broker's Master account and then swept nightly to the Proprietary Account for Broker-Dealers.

Fully Disclosed Broker PDF Guide

Advisors/Brokers Application Guide

Fully Disclosed Broker Account Structure

A master account linked to an individual or organization client accounts.

Account Information

Non-Disclosed Brokers provide their clients with customer service, marketing, a registration process, and cashiering functions. Broker clients can electronically trade or the broker may input trades for the client.

Brokers configure client accounts based on information provided during the application process.

Broker users deposit all funds in the Master account and transfer funds between the Master and client accounts.

For Non-US Brokers not registered with the US Internal Revenue Service as a QI, you are required to collect limited information from your clients for US tax reporting purposes. In addition, you are also required to collect limited information for market data providers. However, IB remains anonymous to your clients.

Brokers can trade for themselves in the Proprietary Account for Broker-Dealers.

All fees, commission and interest owed to the broker are first sent to the broker's Master account and then swept nightly to the Proprietary Account for Broker-Dealers.

Non-Disclosed Broker PDF Guide

Non-Disclosed Broker Account Structure

A master account linked to an individual or organization client accounts. Clients must sign disclosures with the Non-Disclosed Broker.

Account Information

Omnibus Brokers provide their clients with customer service, marketing, a registration process, cashiering functions, trade entry, and individual client account record keeping. All trades are combined in a consolidated account, and the broker must enter all client trades.

Omnibus Brokers indicate buy or sell and open or close flags on each trade. Based on this indicator, the trade is placed in the proper long or short account.

Clients do not have access to electronic trading or Account Management functions.

Ominbus Brokers deposit all funds in the Master account for trading.

Omnibus Broker accounts can trade securities products only. They cannot trade commodities products.

A non-US Omnibus broker must be registered with the U.S. IRS as a Qualified Intermediary.

Omnibus Broker PDF Guide

Omnibus Broker Account Structure

A master account with a linked long account a linked short account.

For information on SIPC coverage on your account, visit or call SIPC at 1 (202) 371-8300.