Flexible Client Management for Advisors and Brokers

Flexible Client Management for Advisors and Brokers

Our client account application options and integrated client management system meet the needs of advisors and brokers of all sizes.

Client Account Applications

From online applications to XML-based customization, we offer a variety of client account application methods.

Apply Online
  • Sign in to Account Management with your master account credentials and then send invitations to your clients to complete fully electronic account applications.
  • Choose our semi-electronic client application to complete the application online and then send a paper copy to the client for signatures.
  • Create Client Account Templates to save and reuse information for new client account applications. Specify base currency, funding method, client trading permissions, and much more.

Application XML

Take your client account application process to the next level with Application XML.

Application XML lets advisors and brokers1 develop their own fully customized client account application. This option is perfect for advisors or brokers who want to present a unique account application experience on their own website.

We provide all of the information that your programming or technical staff will need to build your own application interface, including step-by-step documentation, our complete XML schema, supporting files and sample XML files.

The Advisor/Broker must have working knowledge of XML or have access to a support staff with working knowledge of XML.

To sign up for Application XML, send an email to salesengineering@interactivebrokers.com.

1. Application XML is available to Registered Advisors and Fully Disclosed Brokers only.

Mass Upload

Our popular Mass Upload feature makes it easy for advisors and brokers to migrate from their current broker to Interactive Brokers. Mass Upload lets advisors, fully disclosed brokers and non-disclosed brokers upload multiple client accounts to our system at one time with an easy-to-use Excel workbook.

Enter all of the application information that we need from your clients into a single Excel file, which we then integrate into our system.

Contact your Sales Representative or send an email to salesengineering@interactivebrokers.com to request Mass Upload.

White-Branded Applications

Our White Branding system lets you display your own corporate identity on our online client account applications. White branding is a great marketing tool for advisors and brokers who want to offer a more complete package to their clients.

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Recommended Account Creation Process
Mass Upload Application XML IBKR CRM
Best for:
Fully Disclosed Broker
Non-Disclosed Broker
Registered Advisor
Use Case:
Batch account creation of 20+ accounts
Continuous account creation
Account Types:
Customized Account Application
Compatible with Excel
Technical Knowledge Required

Client Account Management

We make it easy for advisors and brokers to manage their client accounts.


The Dashboard lets Advisors and Brokers quickly and easily manage their clients from a single point of access within Account Management:

  • View information about all clients on a single screen, using advanced search, sort and filter functions to see different groups of client accounts.
  • Download an Excel spreadsheet listing outstanding registration tasks for all pending client accounts.
  • Download an Excel spreadsheet containing information about all client accounts.
  • Drill down to view individual client account details.
  • Edit client account settings and run client account statements and PortfolioAnalyst reports.

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White-Branded Account Management

Our White Branding system lets you display your own corporate identity in our Account Management system.

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Our database-driven Customer Relationship Management (CRM), fully integrated into our Account Management system, lets advisors and brokers manage the entire customer relationship life cycle in one place.

Here is just a sampling of CRM features:

  • Store, view and update information about all of your contacts in one place.
  • Turn prospects into customers by sending electronic client account invitations.
  • Add tasks and events.
  • Manage all of your customer emails through Rackspace, a secure, third-party email service.
  • Upload contact information from .CSV files.

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