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2019 Media Coverage

December – RIABiz – Interactive Brokers Outpaces Schwab in Race to Give RIAs Free Fractional Share Trades

Interactive Brokers has introduced fractional share trading for clients, including Registered Investment Advisors. EVP Steve Sanders explains that there are several ways fractional shares can be used, including for direct indexing. Sanders noted that fractional shares might help attract RIAs to Interactive Brokers, which works with RIAs of all sizes, at a time when some other brokers have decided not to serve smaller advisors.

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November 2019 – Streetwise Reports – Best Brokers for Research

Interactive Brokers was ranked #1 for its research offerings. The company earned praise for its "vast amounts of research and tools" which can be obtained bundled or a la carte.

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October 2019 – TheStreet – Interactive Brokers is Uniquely Situated to Win the Brokerage Wars

The article explains why Interactive Brokers is in the best position to come out ahead of the competition by offering commission-free trades. The author explains that IBKR’s commission free offering provides true value to clients and differentiates the company from competitors. Interactive Brokers offers clients a choice between commission free trades and low-cost commissions with a Pro service level that utilizes the company’s SmartRouter, which seeks the best possible price for every trade.

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October 2019 – Barron’s – "Free" Trading Has Arrived. Be Sure to Read the Fine Print

The article describes the commission-free offerings from the major brokers. The author explains that Interactive Brokers is offering simplified trading with no account minimum and no commissions on US exchange listed stocks and ETFs. The article explains that investors should consider other aspects of each firm's offering, such as the amount of interest they can earn on cash in their account and whether there are hidden charges.

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October 2019 – Seeking Alpha – IBKR: Smart First Mover in Zero Commissions War?

The article explains that providing IBKR Lite clients with free commissions on US exchange-listed stocks is immaterial to IBKR. The author explains that 80% of IBKR commissions are generated from trading other products, while peers’ commissions are nearly 100% US-based. He adds that US commissions loss will be made up by receiving payment for order flow on IBKR Lite trades. The author also states that IBKR revenue is unlikely to be impacted by clients switching from IBKR Pro to IBKR Lite.

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October 2019 – NewsMax – Unique Interactive Brokers’ Site Blends Sports and Investments

The article explains that Interactive Brokers is offering $1,000 in free commission credits to learn about investing by using the company’s new simulated sports-betting portal. The betting program was created to educate people about probability and how it can be used in trading stocks similar to the way it is used in sports betting.

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October 2019 – Barron’s – Interactive Brokers Shares Can Double: Portfolio Manager

Marc Werres, a financial advisor at Hindes Group, explains why he believes IBKR stock is currently undervalued. He notes that Interactive Brokers is the brokerage business’s low-cost leader and sets itself apart from competitors with its breadth of product and technological sophistication.

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September 2019 – Fox Business – American Success Stories to Warm your Heart

Fox Business' Charles Payne and Interactive Brokers Founder and Chairman Thomas Peterffy discuss the importance of the American Dream. Peterffy discusses building his firm and the company’s latest innovation, IBKR Lite, a service providing commission-free trades on US exchange-listed stocks and ETFs.

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September 2019 – Seeking Alpha – Interactive Brokers Group: The Best of the Brokers

The article notes that Interactive Brokers is among the top-rated brokers because of its low commissions and fees. The author notes they anticipate further client base growth to help IBKR's earnings double over the next three to five years.

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August 2019 - CNBC Squawk Box - How Retail Investors Can Navigate Market Volatility

Interactive Brokers' chief strategist and head trader Steve Sosnick discusses ways for retail investors to handle a volatile market.

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August 2019 - Kiplinger’s - Best Online Brokers, 2019

Interactive Brokers ranked #2 out of 10 companies reviewed by Kiplinger’s in IBKR’s first year of being included in the Best Online Brokers annual survey. The company also won first place for its mobile app and was rated best for active traders, margin traders, and mutual fund investors.

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August 2019 - - Recognizing Interactive Brokers for its Universal Investment Management Solutions, Including Low-Cost Trades for the Active Investor recognized Interactive Brokers with its Editor’s Choice™ Award for being a top low-cost broker. The article notes that IBKR offers access to markets around the world, in multiple currencies, from a single account.

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August 2019 – US News & World Report – Pros and Cons of Margin Trading

This article explains how margin trading lets investors buy stocks with borrowed money. US News notes that the best of the major online brokers for margin trading is probably Interactive Brokers which offers the lowest interest rates on margin loans at between 3% and 4%.

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July 2019 - Barron's - How to Bet on Emerging Markets as Interest Rates Drop

The detente in the U.S. and China trade war, coupled with central banks’ potential move to more-dovish policies, merits increased exposure to some of the world's riskiest investments.

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July 2019 – Financial Times – Brokerage Gambles on US Law Permitting Fake Money for Bets

Interactive Brokers has created a Simulated Sports Betting Exchange that awards up to $1,000 in commission credits to non-clients that use it. Fake money can be bet on real matches, with virtual winnings converted into credits that can be used toward commissions on IBKR brokerage accounts. The company's chairman Thomas Peterffy explained that the exchange was designed to teach people how probability works and illustrate that Interactive Brokers has the lowest commissions.

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June 2019 - CNBC Fast Money Halftime Report - Interview with Interactive Brokers CEO

Interactive Brokers' CEO Thomas Peterffy shares his outlook on the market with CNBC's Bob Pisani. He said he would not go into the summer with a long position due to trade frictions, political background and market illiquidity.

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April 2019 – The Best Online Stock Trading Brokers

Interactive Brokers was rated “Best for Advanced Traders” in Benzinga's 2019 ranking. The survey cited Trader Workstation as "one of the best platforms in the entire industry" and also praised IBKR's mobile trading platforms. Benzinga also noted that Interactive Brokers offers low commissions and margin rates and pays high interest on idle cash.

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April 2019 – Benzinga - The Best Stock Brokers in New Zealand

Interactive Brokers was rated the Best Overall Stock Broker in New Zealand in Benzinga's 2019 ranking. Benzinga praised IBKR for providing access to 120 markets in 31 countries and 23 currencies all from a single account.

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March 2019 – Benzinga - The Best German Stock Brokers

Interactive Brokers was rated the Best Overall German Stock Broker in Benzinga's 2019 ranking. The company was praised for providing access to 120 markets in 31 countries and 23 currencies all from a single account.

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February 2019 – Barron's - Interactive Brokers Tops Barron's Ranking of Best Online Brokers

Barron's ranked Interactive Brokers #1 out of 14 firms in its 24th annual ranking of The Best Online Brokers. The company received 4 1/2 out of 5 stars and particular praise for its low costs, international investing offerings and highly customizable mobile apps.

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January 2019 - Investor's Business Daily - Interactive Brokers Upsets the Field, Breaks into Top Three Brokers

In its seventh annual Best Online Brokers survey, Investor’s Business Daily ranked Interactive Brokers among the three best online brokers. The ranking is based on ratings by 2,762 investors surveyed by TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence, IBD’s polling partner. Interactive Brokers also received the #1 ranking for Low Commissions & Fees, Mobile Trading Platform / Apps, Range of Products and Website Security.

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January 2019 - Nerd Wallet - Interactive Brokers Review 2019

Interactive Brokers received 5 out of 5 stars in Nerd Wallet's annual review. IBKR received top marks for low commissions and margin rates and the breadth of free research and data it provides. IBKR was ranked best for advanced, day, penny stock and options traders. The review notes that Interactive Brokers' Trader Workstation is among the best platforms for advanced traders.

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