Activity Summary
June 1, 2017 - June 30, 2017


This Activity Summary is provided as a convenience to clients, including those who may have migrated their account(s) to Interactive Brokers Hong Kong Limited ("IBHK") from other Interactive Brokers companies outside of Hong Kong. Transactions (including trades and any deposit or withdrawal) shown on this Activity Summary may include transactions in your accounts held at another Interactive Brokers company prior to the opening of your account with IBHK. This Activity Summary is provided for your convenience and does not serve as your formal client statement. Client statements for each of your account(s) are available under Account Management when you log in to the IB website.

Account Information
Net Asset Value
Mark-to-Market Performance Summary
Realized & Unrealized Performance Summary
Cash Report
Open Positions
Forex Balances
Transaction Fees
Withholding Tax
Interest Accruals
Change in Dividend Accruals
Client Fees
Financial Instrument Information

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