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Contract Description

Column Name



A category within an industry in which the underlying can be categorized.

Company Name

Shows the company name for the underlying.

Data Source

Identifies the source of the top market data.


Identifies the instrument type and other descriptive contract information.


Provides the contract description including the underlying, primary exchange, and if not Smart, the directed exchange.


The type of industry under which the underlying is categorized.


The market data exchange. If no other exchange is specified for order routing, this exchange is also where the contract will be routed. Select SMART order routing to route directly to the best available market.


An editable, unlimited text field where you can enter notes about the underlying, etc. When you mouse over the Notes text, it displays in a pop up box so you can read the entire note.

Note:  The Notes field is not editable on system-generated pages, since these pages (including the Pending page and Portfolio page) function differently from user-maintained pages. They are dynamically created and populated at the start of a TWS session and do not have the capability to save user-entered text.


Uses colors to identify whether or not there is stock available for the customer to short it. Colors relay the following information:

Red - No shares are available

Dark Green - The system is trying to locate shares.

Light Green - At least 1000 shares are available.


The most detailed description of the industry under which the underlying company can be categorized.


Shows the exchange symbol for the contract.

Trading Currency

The trading currency of the asset.


The underlying symbol for the contract. To toggle between underlying and symbol mode, on the View menu select the desired mode.