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Loading Option Chains

Use OptionTrader to create and manage option chains. When you specify an underlying, chains load automatically. Use the Strikes, Last Trading Days and Exchanges lists to modify criteria and automatically load a new set of option chains.

Load option chains

UseLoad My Chains to load chains on any option on the underlying in which you hold a position. Or, define the strike, last trading day and exchange criteria to view specific option chains.

If you select a single strike, last trading day or exchange, the button labels change to display the information. If you have selected multiple strikes, last trading days or exchanges, hold your mouse over the button to see the complete list of your selections.

You can add pages for other contracts by clicking the Add Tab icon on the toolbar. After you click the Add Tab button, define an underlying by entering a symbol in the Underlying field on the quote panel. Hit Enter, then select an instrument type and then a specific contract. The new underlying will be reflected in the tab name.

Option chain orders are displayed on the Orders page of the of the Trading panel.