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Upload a Portfolio

You can import your portfolio into IB Risk Navigator using a .csv Excel spreadsheet. Positions are imported into a hypothetical What-if. Once imported, you can create orders from the What-If to add the imported positions to your actual portfolio.

You can also create a what-if and quickly populate it with your existing portfolio all from within the Risk Navigator.

To create a .cvs file to import

1.  Create an Excel spreadsheet.

2.  Create a header row that contains the field headings. Field headings can be in any order. Valid header row field titles include (but are not limited to):

3.  For each position you want to import, create a single row of parameters. Ensure that field values match the field label in the header row. For example, don't put the symbol "IBKR" in a field under the SecType field or the import will be rejected.

Note:  If the order does not require a specific field value, that cell should be left blank.

4.  Save the spreadsheet with a .csv extension, making note of where you save it.

To import a .csv portfolio file into Risk Navigator

1.  Open the IB Risk Navigator.

  1. From Mosaic, use the New Window dropdown.
  2. From Classic TWS, use the Analytical Tools menu.

2.  From the Portfolio menu select Import.

3.  Navigate to the .csv file or enter the file name in the File Name field and click Open.

The imported orders are opened in a new What-If portfolio. Note that both Maintenance and Initial margin values are displayed for the portfolio in the Risk Dashboard. If you have multiple asset types, use the tabset to display risk for each type.